Professional Liability

Headed by Certified Legal Malpractice Specialist Allen Michel, the lawyers in our Professional Liability Group have decades of experience successfully defending lawyers and law firms, as well as accountants and real estate licensees, accused of malpractice and breaches of fiduciary duty. We regularly handle fee disputes, anti-SLAPP cases, and malicious prosecution and similar matters, and frequently represent attorneys in State Bar disciplinary cases.

We are also well-suited to address the insurance issues associated with professional liability claims, and to analyze for clients who are considering whether to change counsel the strategic, tactical and potentially case-determinative considerations presented where it appears counsel has erred.

Risk management services are also provided to firms seeking to assure brokers and insurers their internal controls and processes are consistent with best practices.

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Representative Matters

Successfully handled an internationally known rock star’s case against a well-known Los Angeles entertainment firm for alleged mishandling of that singer/songwriter’s audit claims against his record company.

Represented a Beverly Hills law firm in connection with a claim by a distributor of a series of celebrity-endorsed exercise videotapes in which we not only defeated several malpractice claims at the jury trial, but enforced the firm's fee agreement with the client.

Successfully handled a case arising from negligence and breach of fiduciary duty arising out of offshore tax planning for an Academy Award winning screenwriter.

Representation of a law firm accused of mishandling the negotiations for the creation and operation of a "green" power facility in Los Angeles, the damage claim being $1.5 billion.

Successful litigation in favor of an Orange County law firm accused of being responsible for a $140,000,000 arbitration award arising from the attempted rescission of a contract to sell a Nevada hotel.

Obtained multi-million dollar verdict against accountant on behalf of famous singer/songwriter for negligence in handling recording and songwriting royalties.

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